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        basement remodeling and finishing

        Basement finishing in Arlington Heights is becoming relevant and necessary to improve living conditions. The basement is separate assistance, which can be equipped with such high quality and professionalism, thus transforming it into one of the most desirable and most favorable places in the home for all household members to enjoy for years to come.
        Our basement finishing company in Arlington Heights often receives orders from residents of Arlington Heights and the surrounding areas for basement finishing and remodeling.

        The price for basement remodeling services in Arlington Heights is justified. A well-equipped basement raises the cost of the whole house and allows you to sell it profitably if necessary. If you are not considering selling your home, a good basement will serve you as a workshop, gym, relaxation, or beauty room. You can arrange a basement to your taste, your interests, and the interests of your family members. Hire basement remodeling contractors near you in Arlington Heights and enjoy your new corner. In any case, additional space is a plus in conditions of limited living space. So, it’s a great idea to take basement finishing services in Arlington Heights.

        Basement remodeling does not mean that it must be superficial. We discuss the steps of repairing and the communications in your basement with you. IK Home Pros basement finishing contractors cooperate with the best masters in Arlington Heights, so we guarantee high quality for all our work. Our basement finishing contractors in Arlington Heights take into account all your wishes. We can fulfill the basement remodeling project you have in mind for your space.

        Let’s Choose a color scheme for your remodeled basement

        It is preferable to paint the walls in light colors.
        The design of a basement or semi-basement in a private house determines the style and color scheme. The latter must be selected not only considering the requirements of the style but also the characteristics of the underground room. Our basement painters in Arlington Heights can paint your basement in the best way.

        The lack of windows affects the visual impression. Even really high ceilings seem lower than they are. To decorate the ceiling, we use light colors, and the design of the walls must have vertical elements, like columns, mirrors, etc.

        Decoration in light colors – pastel, neutral, is preferable for the same reasons: the rooms seem more spacious.

        To create a feeling of coziness, IK Home Pros basement painting contractors use light colors. However, in a room such as a gym or utility block, cold tones are preferable.

        For the basement’s interior, it is worth choosing minimalist styles with a modest color scheme. The abundance of flowers in such a room creates clutter.
        The basement floor is just those rooms in the design of which they give preference to natural shades of stone, brick, wood. It is due to the lack of natural light.

        Hire our Arlington Heights basement remodeling contractors near you, and we make your basement like a lovely place; you and your guests enjoy the time you spend there.

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