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        About This Service

        basement remodeling and finishing

        Chicagoland basement renovation near you is an opportunity to breathe new life into your basement and use it as efficiently as possible. Basement renovation services are becoming more popular with homeowners.

        You can use your basement after renovation with a great profit for all your family. It is an opportunity to implement all your ideas and make an additional room in your house, which will significantly increase the living space of the whole house.

        If you decide to renovate the basement in Chicagoland and implement all your design ideas, then it is better to take the services of professionals.

        Of course, IK Home Pros considers all your preferences, but at the same time, we do it as accurately as possible. We provide you with comfort and safety.
        Customers do not need to know how to renovate a basement. Basement renovation company should know how to do it.

        Our IK Home Pros basement renovation contractors in Chicagoland have ready-made solutions for basement renovation. We know how to renovate a basement, and we know how important it is to deliver upon the customer’s expectations.
        A renovated basement will not only increase the living space of your home but also raise its value. If you decide to sell your home, a new basement will hasten the sales deadline and attract more potential buyers.

        Lighting in the Basement

        The best option is white daylight
        The light level of the basement depends on the purpose.

        The lack of windows creates a highly depressing impression. It is necessary to increase the lighting level and choose the suitable light sources:

      • white daylight is the best option for any room;
      • cold white – allowed in utility and auxiliary rooms;
      • warm daylight or even yellow – combine with daylight white to create cozy lighting.
      • When decorating, you can also apply to backlight. However, it only plays a decorative role.
      • IK Home Pros provides basement renovation services near you in Chicagoland to make you happy. You can share your ideas with us and be sure we implement them. The cost of basement renovation in Chicagoland is justified because a renovated basement raises the cost of your home. You can rent it for a higher price or sell it for a higher price after repairing it. Hire our basement renovation company in Chicagoland and create an additional lovely corner in your house.

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