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    Many homeowners in Chicago often order home additions because the home they live in is not spacious enough to meet all of their needs. Chicago home addition services will help increase the square footage and raise value of the home.

    People order home additions for a variety of reasons. Someone needs to move elderly parents. Someone is planning more children, and they need additional bedrooms and bathrooms.

    In some cases, the homeowner wants a larger closet or dreams of a cozy attic space. The Chicago home addition company can easily transform an unfinished basement or garage into a comfortable living space. The customer can develop the project himself, as well as participate in the implementation of the project.

    Adding a full second floor to the house is also not a problem for IK Home Pros. Your porch will turn into a sunny room that you will love and which will quite possibly become your favorite place in the house.

    IK Home Pros has been providing home addition services near you in Chicago for years. We know how to implement the most complex projects and optimize the space you use. Our clients can participate in the home addition process and make their own adjustments.

    Contact AK Home Pro and we will create your dream home.

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