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    The deck is constantly in contact with the external environment, so it has to be periodically repaired. Deck restoration in Elgin is not an exception. We provide deck repair services in Elgin and prolong their lifespan. As a result, the design and integrity of the extension can be updated and the level of comfort can be increased. Modern building materials. latest technologies and experienced Elgin deck restorators will help in this.

    It is not easy to do renovations or minor works to restore the deck yourself, because specific materials, tools and experience are required for its repair. This is especially true for outdoor repair. Repairing the deck in Elgin should not only update the appearance of the room, but also increase the level of comfort inside it. For this, in addition to finishing and repairing the walls, furniture is replaced or restored in the room. Bright indoor plants and interior decorations will help add coziness to the addition.

    Reconstruction of the Floor

    Wooden logs and floorboards have similar properties, but the coating is less resistant to moisture. During the repair of the вусл, the base is checked for damaged or rotten boards. If the damaged boards are found, they are replaced with new ones of the appropriate size. Old deck boards are cleaned out of dirt and dust. If they are painted, the coating is renewed.

    Repair of Windows

    The most vulnerable place of closed decks is the windows. Windows can crack because of sudden changes in temperature or movements of the building frame. If the frame and glass of the deck are intact, then it is only necessary to paint the window. For this, the surface of the frame is treated and then painted with paint.

    If defects are found on the frame – rot, chips or cracks, then it is better to order new ones. The window glasses can be left the same. To install new frames, you need a professional set of tools, which is available in our company.

    If you’re looking for deck repairing in Elgin then contact IK Home Pros. We divide the restoration and repairing process into stages. Our customers are informed about every stage. We follow customers’ ideas and offer them to join our team for the whole repairing period. If you have any questions we give answers to all of them. We’re working together and achieve the expected customers’ results.

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    The Stages of Working Process

    How to Decor a Deck

    Selection of the interior depending on the type of a deck When developing a building project, it is necessary to immediately decide how often it will be used, since the range of used building materials and the procedure for finishing work depend on this. An open type of a deck on the ground floor of the building serves as a place to relax in the warm season. It protects from the scorching sun and summer rain.

    When decorating the interior of the deck, you can combine elements of different styles. The main thing is that as a result of the arrangement, it harmoniously complements the design of the house. How to decorate a deck. You can decorate a summer deck in Elgin with the help of vertical landscaping, installation of a fence made of natural wood.

    Various Plants are Used as Hedges.

    Shrubs planted around the perimeter of the structure will look nice. They humidify the air and protect the room from dust. The use of landscape design elements will make the open extension part of the garden and bring it as close to nature as possible.

    You can emphasize this solution by decorating the room in an ecological or rustic style. Each of them is based on the use of natural materials, uncomplicated jewelry.

    Arrangement of a Closed Deck

    If the room is glazed and equipped with heating, it will turn into a living room that can be used all year round. Special attention should be paid to the type of glazing, the method of airing the room, the shape of the shutters.

    Regardless of the type of building, it should be a logical continuation of the main structure.

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