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        basement remodeling and finishing

        One of the most requested services in Highland Park is basement renovation. Lots of homeowners near Highland Park renovate their basements and extend the living space of their homes. Of course, we can use our basements as efficiently as possible and implement all our design ideas by taking basement renovation services near Highland Park. It is an opportunity to make our home more spacious.

        Basement renovation contractors in Highland Park jack the price of any home up and make it more desirable for buyers. If you’re going to sell your home, be sure to renovate your basement and sell it in shorter terms and higher price.

        Take basement renovation services near you in Highland Park and neighbor towns and make your home as sweet as you wish. You can create your project or create it for you, considering all your wishes. In any case, you improve the whole home and gain more.

        There are lots of design ideas concerning basement renovation. It can be a home cinema or a gym, a workshop, or a bar stall. We can implement any idea you have and make for you a room of your dreams.

        If you are thinking over how to extend living space and improve living conditions, then order Highland Park basement renovation services near you and make your dreams come true

        The additional advantage is the comfort of all your family. Your dearest and nearest can also implement their design ideas and then use a basement for their needs. You make a present not only for yourself but for everybody who shares the home with you.

        Arrangement of a Garage in the Basement

        If desired, you can place a garage under the roof of a house with a basement or ground floor: this is convenient and saves building space. There are several requirements and rules for constructing garages that everyone who builds a garage in their home should know.

        Laundry in the Basement

        In the basement, next to the pantry, workshop or garage, there is often a place for laundry and a dryer (in winter), which is very convenient and saves the hostess’s time. The same room is used for swimming. Thus, without entering the main premises, a person returning from work can take a shower or a bath.

        The necessary equipment of such a room should consist of a shower tray, a sink, a bathtub, or a solid fuel water heater. We should allocate separate space for the washing machine. It is necessary to make a drain in the floor to drain the used water into the sewer. The floors in the laundry-washing room are preferably made of ceramic tiles, which are very easy to use. The walls are also tiled with ceramic tiles.

        Workshop in the Basement

        Every owner or hostess dreams of having a workshop in his home. We can locate the room in the basement.

        Here you can, without prejudice to others, do your favorite activities. Many keep real workshops in the basement: pottery, chasing, wood and stone carving, giving all free minutes to their favorite pastime.

        There are many other ideas for renovating your basement. Together with our company, you will achieve what you want.

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