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      Home remodeling services in Schaumburg are actually for many people. The solution to this issue is IK Home Pros Schaumburg home remodeling contractors. We are ready to solve all your problems with an individual approach.

      Home remodeling in Schaumburg is a service that our company provides. Our experts will professionally remodel the kitchen, basement, bathroom, and the whole house. We work with individuals as well as commercial customers.

      Our company’s years of experience allow us to carry out remodeling of houses in Schaumburg of any complexity. We are always happy to offer optimal solutions to our customers, considering all their wishes and considering the smallest details.

      The staff of the general home remodeling contractors in Schaumburg, which we represent, includes all the necessary craftsmen to solve serious remodeling tasks. These are electricians and painters and architects, designers, and builders of various specialists. We will implement the project that you have planned. Together we will make your dream come true.

      We provide various Schaumburg home remodeling services. It is important for us that the customer who contacts us is satisfied and their expectations are fully met. We accept large and small projects and make them with full responsibility and professionalism. Our remodelers are providing both commercial and residential remodeling services in Schaumburg.

      Our Schaumburg home remodeling company has many advantages, including:

      *Each stage performed by our craftsmen is carefully checked.
      *We inform our customers about the progress of the work stages.
      *Each client is satisfied with the cooperation with us.

      Let’s get down to the dirtiest work. It is necessary to disassemble the wall and floor coverings, replace windows, clean up dust and dirt, and take out the trash. Why do we start with this? Because dust and dirt can spoil or contaminate the new prepared finishing materials that we will use in our work.

      The second step is to level the floor, that is, fill in the screed. If the floor is not very even, then pouring and drying the screed can take a long. Therefore, it is better to use a quick-setting self-leveling floor or dry screed. Which will save the time of the entire repair. If we want to install a “warm floor”, it is necessary to take a particularly responsible approach to this issue. If you perform the installation incorrectly, it can cause many problems.

      The next stage, we work with plumbing, heating, and electrical communications. Water, heat, and light are the most important part of the comfortable life of a modern person, which means that it will be right if specialists do this work. Therefore, how, upon completion of the work, it will be difficult to eliminate the problem that has arisen without “hacking”.

      Rough finish. This stage impacts the result of the entire repair as a whole. Perfectly aligned walls and hidden communications allow for the highest quality renovation. After carrying out the preparatory work – this is a primer and grouting of walls and ceilings, the room will be ready for the final finishing.

      The final stage is the installation of entrance and interior doors and the laying of tiles, painting the ceiling and walls, wallpapering the walls, and installing all kinds of decorative details.
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