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        basement remodeling and finishing

        Living space is an actual problem for almost all the inhabitants of urbanized areas. One of the efficient methods of expanding living space is to remodel a basement in Schaumburg. The first question the customers may ask about Schaumburg basement remodeling is the cost. Is it profitable or not to finish a basement in Schaumburg? We can assure you that the price is reasonable. The potential buyers appreciate your home with a refinished basement. If you’re going to sell a house, be sure the buyers will be more interested in buying a home with a finished basement. You can hire a basement finishing company in Schaumburg and transform your dreams about your living space into reality. The house will be in more demand, and it will increase the price of the home.
        If you aren’t going to sell your home, you also have an incentive to refinish a basement in Schaumburg. The basement remodeling company in Schaumburg can settle all issues and remodel a basement in your home in the most proper way.
        Our professional IK Home Pros basement finishing contractors are highly-experienced and skillful. We provide a finishing basement in Schaumburg on practical terms and at reasonable prices.
        IK Home Pros basement remodeling contractors near you in Schaumburg use only high-grade materials and advanced effective technologies.

        A basement in a private house can be used for various purposes. The decoration and design of the basement depend on the goal.
        We equip a basement with all types of communications:

      • The most essential element is electricity. The complexity of the system and the power depends on the purpose. To service a bath with an electric stove, you will need a lot of power. The gym only needs good lighting. The cables are laid as in a living room: in the walls. Sockets and switches are selected according to the degree of protection. The bath will require moisture-resistant devices; for the living room, ordinary ones are necessary.
      • Ventilation – The system is equipped with a primitive one for storing vegetables and preserving: ordinary air vents arranged in the basement are enough. But if people are in the room for some time, the requirements for ventilation will increase dramatically. It requires forced ventilation, equipped with a powerful hood.
      • Heating – required for living rooms. Hot water heating is possible if included in the original project. If we equip the basement later, we install electric heaters. A practical solution is a warm floor.
      • Water supply and sewerage – if a toilet or shower appears in the basement, water supply and sewerage are essential here. It significantly complicates the project since gravity will no longer be possible to organize the sewerage system.
      • The number and configuration of engineering systems depend on the room’s purpose.
        Gym – is a spacious space. Homeowners need someplace to do physical activities there. Our basement finishers in Schaumburg transform your basement into a gym. We know how to change it into something special. Our Schaumburg basement remodelers consider all your wishes and perform the work based on the project.
      • Recreation area – bathroom, sometimes even a mini-pool. The latter option requires a serious overhaul, but making a bathroom is difficult. The temperature is easier to maintain in an underground room, so less electricity is required to operate the bath.
      • Finishing the basement will be more complicated and expensive when turning the latter into a living space. It is not easy to create a bedroom or a nursery here. But if you make an order, our remodelers, finishers, and designers achieve this goal. We can also create a living room or a special playroom for you and your kids. A great idea – a billiard room, a tasting room combined with a wine cellar.

        Feel free to hire IK Home Pros basement remodeling and finishing company, and we implement the ideas you have.

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        We are highly sought basement construction company in Schaumburg for lots of reasons:

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