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        About This Service

        basement remodeling and finishing

        Home addition services in Naperville are becoming more and more popular. It’s an effective way to make your home more spacious and attractive for homeowners and guests. Naperville home addition company adds any additions to the customers’ homes. As a result, we increase the home value and make living space more comfortable and extended. Our customers receive more square feet and implement all their design ideas with us.

        There are many reasons to take Naperville home addition services. Customers can add additional bedrooms for our grandparents or add a dining room to the whole floor of our home. If you’re having a baby on the way, you can need a children’s room, a new bathroom, and some other additions.

        We can add a magical patio or deck, a rec room, or even or a spacious living room. Naperville home addition company can help you finish your garage or attic. If you’re looking for Naperville home addition contractors near you, feel free to contact IK Home Pros, and we perform all the works you order. You can create a project, and we’ll implement all its points, or we can create a project together with you based on all the preferences you express.

        Second-floor addition in Naperville is easy if you cooperate with IK Home Pros. We add a second floor to your private home and do everything according to the requirements and law norms. Your home will become more extended, and its price will rise significantly.

        Home addition services near you in Naperville are directed to make your life more comfortable and your home more valuable. Feel free to contact IK Home Pros, and we’ll answer all your questions.

        Contact IK Home Pros, and we will create your dream home.

        Before you take home addition services in Naperville, you need to have a clear idea of ​​its purpose. Conventionally, all house additions are divided into residential and non-residential. Rooms such as a garage, storage room will be strikingly different from a porch or dining room with a barbecue area.

        Knowing the functional tasks of the planned extension, it is possible to more specifically calculate its area, the number of windows, the amount of material required, and the supply of communications.

        House additions in Naperville, like in other areas, differ not only by purpose but also by location: corner, side, front. The parameters of the structure are not the same; for example, the additional hall room is referred to as a small object, the porch is considered a summer living room, and a terrace can generally be built around the entire perimeter of the house.

        The layout of the extension also affects its external forms – for example, you can find square, rectangular, semicircular structures or structures that cover the corner of the house on both sides. Extensions are also divided according to the degree of openness; they are:

      • closed – with walls, roofs, doors, windows;
      • open – with a light roof on supports (without walls), such as awnings, pergolas;
      • completely open, located on the flooring – these include the porch, terrace, patio.
      • A stationary canopy has one adjacent wall with the house or two walls if the building is not built in a simple geometric shape but contains an inner corner. One part of the canopy is attached to the wall; the second is installed on supports below the wall fastening to form a roof slope for precipitation. The roof is most often made of polycarbonate or a material similar to the roof of the main building.

        The awnings can be supplemented with railings, mosquito netting, or fabric curtains.

        Such an extension is intended for summer vacations; it may protect the owners from the scorching sun and warm summer rain.

        The porch is an open annex located at the front door of a private house. The structure has a platform with stairs, often containing a canopy and railings. The porch can have a concrete base. Many owners prefer to make the canopy frame and handrails out of wrought metal.

        Living room

        When tenants get cramped, they think of an additional living room. It can be made summer, for example, at the time of arrival of guests, or all-season.

        Naperville house additions do not just function as garages, kitchens, etc. They can also be a beautiful addition to residential buildings, uniting in a single architectural ensemble. Take our home addition service in Naperville and the nearest areas, and we transform your dream into reality.

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