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    Basement renovation in Evanston is a popular service preferred by many home owners. The basement is a full-fledged room that can be used with great benefit. Considering the cost of houses in Evanston, it is completely irrational to have a basement and store things there that are no longer needed.

    If you decide to order a basement renovation near you in Evanston and nearby settlements, then you can change your basement to the best place in the house. Your project will be implemented by our specialists. If you have no idea for a basement renovation, then we can create a basement change project for you, discussing all the details with you.

    We can make in your basement a recreation room, a playroom for children, a wine cellar, a laundry room or any other room that you and your loved ones like.

    Optimizing living space and improving the conditions for extending the house – this is what can be achieved if the basement is renovated in your house.

    An additional plus to the comfort is that after the renovation the price of a house in Evanston, like in any other city, will increase significantly. A rise in the price of a home can be very helpful in resale. Even if not now, perhaps after a while, you decide to resell your home. So, a house with a renovated basement is sold easier and its price is higher.

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