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        basement remodeling and finishing

        People often think over how to expand their living place. This question is especially relevant for those who live in urban areas. The solution is basement finishing services near you in Evanston. If you’re thinking of placing your home back on the market, you will justify the costs of finishing a basement in Evanston. You can also apply to finish the basement in Evanston to improve the space you live in.

        Of course, before starting a project like this you need to apply for a basement Finishing Company in Evanston. Providing basement finishing service in Evanston, we offer only ready-made solutions and use the most innovative technologies to refinish your basement. Our Evanston basement construction company employs only high-qualified masters who know how to implement the most original and interesting ideas. We achieve the desired result using the best tools and implementing innovative technologies. IK Home Pros basement finishing contractors do perfectly well for your families and guests’ comfort.

        Tips for finishing a basement in Evanston

      • 1. Safe exits. In case of emergencies, create separate exits in the basement. In particular, the window should be large so that you can easily climb out of it. In addition, they will fill it with sunlight, which is so lacking in such a place.
      • 2. Stop the water. The specialist advises not to carry out any work on the floor until the water penetration problem is solved. If you do not find a source of moisture, the room will become damp and gradually begin to deteriorate in the future.
      • 3. Dehumidification. During the basement finishing process in Evanston, you may need a new bathroom, which means removing some of the concrete slabs and connecting the toilet and shower drain lines.
      • 4. Look ahead. Don’t finish work without thinking about future projects. For example, if you want to remodel the kitchen, then run some electrical circuits in the floor system.
      • 5. Isolation of noise. If you plan to create a playroom or media center in the basement, it is best to isolate the room from the rest of the house. Currently, there are many options for soundproofing that are worth installing on the ceiling. Our master will help you choose the best one.
      • Evanston basement finishers can create the most attractive and comfortable living space for you. It’s an advantage for homeowners. Having a finished basement, you can extend your living space and use it up to your wishes. A finished basement can be used as a separate room, and you can spend time with great pleasure there. Your guests also enjoy the creativity of a finished basement and wish to do the same with their basement. Of course, the cost of a home with a finished basement increases. Be sure we always meet the deadline and transform the preferences of our customers into real things.

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