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        All homeowners are interested in living space extension. The more space you have at your disposal, the better you will feel at home.
        If you take the home addition services in Chicagoland, you can implement any of your ideas. We will create a children’s room for you or extend the dining room in which you can gather with the whole family.

        If you need to increase the kitchen space or add an attic space, we will implement this project without at ease and take into account the wishes that you express to our masters. Take our house addition services near you in Chicagoland just now.

        Your family is growing with a new member? Home additions services in ChicagoLand are in high demand. No matter what the reasons you have ordering Chicagoland home additions services, we will be happy to assist you in any of your endeavors.

        It is a profitable investment in your home. Home extension not only makes life in the house more comfortable, but also significantly increases the value of the entire house.

        Contact IK Home Pros and we will create your dream home.

        Having lived for some time at home, the owners often face the problem of a lack of living space. There is a need for additional space. The solution in this situation will be the home addition in Chicagoland. The reasons for remodeling a house can be very different: an increase in the number of family members, a desire to make your home more comfortable for living, etc. Let’s figure out how to make home additions in Chicagoland.

        Features and Types of House Additions

        Before starting the construction of a private house, it is necessary to determine the purpose of the building, its area and material. An important role in the choice of material for construction is the budget, since construction materials differ significantly in cost.

        House additions can be the following: designed for year-round use, and designed for warm seasons; with and without side walls. Premises attached to the house can have different functionalities, different shapes and design solutions.

        In addition, there are various places for an additional room in the house. An extension can be made as a side room under a common roof with the house, as a side extension under a separate roof, by adding an additional floor or in the form of an attic.

        Option for the purpose of the extension:

      • 1) Living room for various purposes. The room can accommodate a library, a kitchen or an additional bedroom. It is assumed that it is a room designed for year-round people staying in it. In most cases, it will require the construction of a full-fledged foundation. It is advisable to make an additional room from the same building materials that were used in the construction of the house.
      • 2) Garage. Building a garage as an addition to the main house is much cheaper than building a detached building. Such a garage is a capital structure being erected on a strip foundation. A prerequisite is the presence of good ventilation to prevent the penetration of foreign odors into the living quarters of the house.
      • 3) Open or closed porch. An open porch can be either with a canopy to protect from rain and open sun, or without it. The closed porch has side walls that protect from the wind. They are made of various materials: glass, planed boards, lining, moisture-resistant chipboard. Covered porches are extremely rarely heated; this option is more likely intended for family holidays in warm summer weather.
      • 4) Porch. Usually built with a canopy and railings. It has several steps, their number is determined by the distance from ground level to the level of the first floor of the house. The porch is the simplest design of all of the above.
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