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      Home renovation in Schaumburg is service residents often take. It consists of several stages, which IK Home Pros carries out in a strict sequence. First of all, our Schaumburg renovators discuss all the issues with the customers. We find out all the preferences and expectations of our customers.

      No doubt, without planning, you are unlikely to be able to start any renovations in your home. As with any serious and multi-stage process, our Schaumburg renovation contractors near you need to carefully prepare for the home renovation process. The stage preparation includes carrying out accurate measurements of the living space and developing a design project for future interiors based on these data.

      Our Schaumburg home renovation company takes a closer look at home renovation step by step. Based on your wishes, the renovators in Schaumburg begin developing the project, which includes planning solutions, visualizations, and, if necessary, drawings for builders. Each stage is coordinated and approved by the customer. Designers provide a choice of several design options for a particular room.

      The total scope of work may consist of the following activities:

      Stage 1. Planning and design.

      We talked about planning and design. The first stage is over. Let’s move on.

      Stage 2. Removing the furniture from your home.

      It will be great if you can take out all the furniture and interior items from home during the renovation. If not, you will need to at least place them in one of the rooms so that nothing interferes with the work. Folding everything compactly, wrap it with stretch wrap. Begin home renovation process in Schaumburg with free room space. After finishing the finish in the first room, move everything there and continue the renovation.

      Stage 3: dismantling, replacement of windows.

      We dismantle everything that is no longer needed. We will help you get rid of all unnecessary things.

      Stage 4. Repair and implementation of new communications.

      After dismantling, we proceed directly to the repair. We pay attention to communication systems and ensure their efficiency and quality.

      Stage 5. Rough finishing.

      The experts recommend starting the repair from the ceiling. Having finished it, proceed to the walls. Their alignment can be manual and machine.

      Stage 6. Fine finishing.

      This is where the rough work ends. Now we decorate or paint the walls, ceiling, perform the floor covering.

      Stage 7. Plumbing installation.

      At the initial stages, we have already prepared everything for plumbing installation; now, we should start directly with the installation process itself.

      Stage 9. Final touches.

      At the final stage, lamps, switches, sockets, baseboards are installed.

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