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      Home renovation in Evanston is a reason to contact a specialized company. Performing all work at a professional level is possible only if you take the professional home renovation services near Evanston. It isn’t straightforward to renovate a home on your own completely. When you contact Evanston home renovation company, you get a large number of advantages.

      The main advantages:

      – Warranty obligations.

      In any case, you will not be “abandoned” after the repair – most companies monitor their reputation.

      – Team of professionals. The staff of the companies employs people who have chosen repair as their profession, and not a person who has tried himself as a renovator first or second time in his life. Our home renovation contractors in Evanston are considerably experienced.

      – Clear pricing. You legally fix the cost of your repair. And, most likely, you will spend exactly the money because you intend to perform a home renovation in Evanston. Whereas in other cases, due to errors in calculations or uncleanliness of the performers, the final amount will grow steadily throughout the repair. Take home renovation services near you in Evanston and implement the ideas you have together with IK Home Pros

      Divide the space into zones

      How to make a modern renovation in Evanston: divide the space into zones

      You can zone a room with the help of light, flowers, finishing materials, transparent or lattice partitions, large furniture. It will help to isolate seating areas or a home office in the living room or highlight the preferences of each child in his part of the nursery.

      Don’t forget the floors, too. So, if you want to divide the kitchen into cooking and eating areas, you can use porcelain stoneware of different colors or textures.

      If you understand that the apartment will have to be rearranged in a couple of years, or you generally like frequent changes, pay attention to the walls for painting. With them, it is easy to zone the premises and, if necessary, it will be possible to quickly and inexpensively repaint them in a new color.

      Choose complex shades

      Bright doll colors tend to make repairs cheaper. Now they are not even used in the design of the nursery. Deep, muted, powdery shades look impressive both live and in the photo. Use these colors for walls and floors and furniture, accessories, and textiles.

      Pastel and natural colors are mesmerizing. Shades of red and blue clay, sea wave, sand, deep purple, and blue tones are also in trend.

      Our experts will help you choose styles and zone your space. We will make your home as simple and comfortable as possible and one that will fully meet your tastes.

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