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    home remodeling in Chicago

    The practice of hiring general contractors in Chicago to carry out renovations has long been a common thing. By concluding an agreement with the customer, the Chicago general contractor assumes the responsibility for organizing the entire range of works to repair the facility in full compliance with the terms of the contract, design and estimate documentation and and regulations.

    IK Home Pros assumes full responsibility to the customer for the proper quality of all work performed and compliance with: technologies, supply schedules, safety, environmental protection, delivery dates, etc.

    It’s easy with us. Our company employs highly qualified designers, craftsmen, builders, installers, finishers and lawyers. We ourselves strive to find the most acceptable way out based on the interests of the customer.

    It is profitable with us. We have close ties with the largest wholesale suppliers and purchase the necessary materials of best quality. In addition, performing most of the work on our own, we are able to economically spend the customer’s financial resources and avoid exceeding the estimated cost of the project.

    It’s safe with us. By concluding a contract for the services of a general contractor in Chicago, you receive a guarantee for each stage performed. Our facilities are always delivered on time, the quality of work corresponds to the declared one, and the documentation is kept in full accordance with the rules of work.

    Our knowledge, experience, a high sense of responsibility and a carefully assembled team of specialized highly qualified specialists allow us to minimize possible risks and complete the assigned tasks as efficiently as possible.

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