What type of kitchen cabinets is the best?

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The kitchen is the heart of the home and the highest traffic area. It’s like a temple as every member of the family believes that there you could find everything you need for your well-fed and happy life! Thus its design should meet three basic criteria: simple, convenient, not distracting. 
Besides flooring and wall color there is one more vital element of kitchen arrangement. Kitchen cabinets aren’t only the decoration detail, they are significant functional elements of the house. If you don’t have any kind of storage room kitchen is the only place where you could store your numerous food starting from morning cereals ending with healthy snacks. And what about dishes, saucepans, and other heavy and expensive kitchen appliances? They need to be steadily set and always at hand. That’s why kitchen cabinets selection might be a tough cookie. Read on to find the best kitchen cabinet type for you.

Types of kitchen cabinets

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There are different types of kitchen cabinets

Kitchen cabinets according to style

• Shaker cabinets 
The most popular type of kitchen cabinets. They are made of wood and loved for their simplicity and functionality. Cupboards are designed with 5 flat-panels with a frame on the front panel. Normally for the production of that cabinets, the wood found in the north-eastern part of America is used. The balance of price and quality is achieved by using the following types of wood: maple, oak, hickory, and cherry. It also determines their endurance and resistance to moisture.
• Slab cabinets
The trendy variant of beloved classics. The distinguishing feature of that flat-panel cabinets is that there are no frames or any borders on the panels of cabinets. Today designers even refuse from any type of furniture using push-to-open technique instead of handles.
• Louvered cabinets
Cabinets called louvered are decorated with parallel bars. This design is still popular today and is used on furniture and windows as blinds. It looks especially good on darker wood. Often these bezels on the bezel serve as additional ventilation. However, this is not always convenient, since the gaps in the door of the cabinet do not protect good inside from water and temperature. Anyway, fans of this style of kitchen drawers have a way out. You can order fake beams that will only serve as a decoration.
• Inset cabinets
This model of kitchen cabinets will suit Victorian design fans. The peculiar thing about this type is that drawers fit inside the cabinet without space between the components. This type of construction allows you to apply your imagination and use any possible modifications of the cabinets.
• Beadboard cabinets
This style of kitchen cabinets is especially peculiar for farmhouses. Vertical planks are called “beads” and they add a kind of a dynamic look. Though they are really hard to clean because if the space between the planks. 

Kitchen cabinets according to placement

• Base cabinets
Base kitchen cabinets are a background for the countertop where you can place the sink and cooker. The drawers of the base cabinets are used to store everything from the appliances to the cutlery and crockery.
• Wall cabinets 
Statistically, items inside the wall cabinets aren’t the most frequently used (speaking about appliances). However, people put there some foods that should be stored in a dry place and aren’t very heavy, such as cereals, for example.    
• Tall cabinets
This type is more stable than the wall cabinets. Often, microwaves, ovens, or even fridges are hidden in cabinets of this kind. They are also convenient for storing food/spices or brittle dishes for special occasions.

Kitchen cabinets according to materials

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• Natural wood
Not so long ago one of the most common natural materials for kitchen cabinets. It could be both painted or stained. The biggest advantage is that it could be easily repainted or repaired. Unfortunately, it’s not much moister resistant and wraps over time.
• Laminate
Laminate is made of compressed hardwood. It’s much more durable than a plain wood as it isn’t covered with scratches that easily. However, it’s quite pricey and any kind of damage couldn’t be fixed by the simple repaint.
• Eco-sustainable materials
In this case, cabinets are made from materials that could be easily recycled. The only disadvantage at this point is that these materials are extremely expensive. Though, nature deserves it, doesn’t it?
• Metal
This material is tried and true. It isn’t affected by heat or water. Moreover, the choice of colors and configurations is extremely wide. Thus, choosing such material for your kitchen cabinets you need to be ready to see every little fingerprint you left on the surface. Plus it’s scratchy and cost a lot.
• Thermofoil
This material is made of vinyl that was pressed. It won designers’ hearts with a great selection of styles and pleasant prices. However, buying this material you need to be ready to put additional boards for hot pots and pans. Thermofoil cabinets aren’t heat resistant and couldn’t be fixed.


To sum up, it’s hard to answer the question of what is the best type of kitchen cabinet as every person should decide on the extremely individual aspects:
• price;
• material;
• kitchen design;
• intensity of use.
However, whatever style of kitchen cabinet you choose, remember that durability could be achieved with high-quality materials only.